Meet the Faces of the Major Arcana

What should you take into account while getting your Tarot cards read? tarot-cards
What are the cards saying, exactly?

The cards find a way to analyze your situation from within and manifest these interpretations through the cards. If the cards are the keys, we should probably understand what the keys are trying to unlock.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the “face” cards, or in other words, the cards that aren’t 0-10 of one of the suits. These are called the Major Arcana, and they are comprised of 22 different cards. While it’s a non-numeric, it still contains a number value.

Here, we take a closer look at numbers 0-10.

The Fool: This card is absolutely numberless, with its value placed at zero.   The Fool is known as 0innocent and represents an ability to do anything. If this card comes up in a reading, it means things are going to change, whether it be a new adventure or things within your life. If reversed, it means you should definitely think before you act.

1The Magician: This card represents the number 1, and usually on the card, all four suits are present, symbolizing being in control of his situation. If this card shows up in your reading, it’s meant to be read as an upcoming opportunity. In reverse, it’s meant to indicate someone who is a perfectionist, meaning they are unprepared for upcoming scenarios internally.

2The High Priestess: She is represented by the number 2.
She represents a balance of positivity and negativity and the balance of male and female energies. She represents spiritual enlightenment, and that means to trust your intuition. If present in a man’s, it means to expect the woman of his dreams, while if present in a woman’s, it means the questioner is seeking the High Priestess’s qualities either within herself or a friend. However, if reversed, it means to use logic as opposed to intuition.

3The Empress: Representing the number 3, she is presented as the goddess of love and fertility.
She can show herself as fertility creatively, monetarily, or literally. Reversed, however, expresses disharmony at home.

4The Emperor: He is number 4, which symbolizes foundation and stability. When he appears in a reading, he expresses power and virility. In reverse, however, he can be seen as impotence – what happens with inaction. He can even be an expression of emotional immaturity.

5The Hierophant: At number 5, this card represents the issue of free will and obedience.  If this card appears, it can be read as a need for approval, or even placing an importance in conformity. The reversal of this card represents defiance, i.e. someone who thinks freely and outside the box. In reverse, this card may tell you it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone.

6The Lovers: Bringing us to 6 would be the Lovers. If you get this card in your reading, it speaks of the balance between conscious and subconscious desires. It may be telling you that you need to make a choice in order to overcome temptation. In reverse, this card shows what happens when temptation is given into: fights, discord, and infidelity. Stability is definitely lacking if you get this card in the reverse.

7The Chariot: At number 7, he represents success and triumph.
He tells us we have the power over our own victories. In reverse, he represents unethical victories through lying, cheating, or manipulation.

8Strength: If this card, number 8, is shown right side up, we are on our way to accomplishing our goals. If  reversed, it shows that you are a person of material gain, focused on greed rather than spiritual goodness.

9The Hermit: While at 9, the Hermit appears to be a scary looking guy, he actually is telling you that you’ve got the chance to learn from something in this world, such as a mentor or even a chance encounter. Reversal shows your unwillingness to listen and learn, symbolizing immaturity.

10The Wheel of Fortune: Despite the feeling that this card would mean everything in life is up to chance, it actually represents something of the opposite. It tells us that we are in charge of our own fate and can thank our own intelligent choices, whereas the reversal will show roadblocks. Though, if you continue to persevere, you will be thankful. Hard work is an asset.

Please check out the next article on the next 10 Major Arcana cards, coming soon.